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Seen twice and ready to see again! 

Violet? Next weekend?

Yep, you’re in the mood. Are you thinking the 31st? Because we have a group date on Sunday night.

Given that it’s New Years Eve night elsewhere, I’m thinking maybe earlier in the day. 

Wasn’t sure if you were too Fry-ed to see it again :) 

Btw, how’s the vaca? 

Gosh I’m an idiot. Yes, I am seeing you on the 31st because THAT is the vaguely named ‘group date’ - somehow the ‘internet safety’ thing came up in my head and I didn’t put down the actual name: The Most Boring New Years Party in the World.

Getting Sherlocked up all over the place on here. Sorry for spoilers for the BBC series.

Vaca okay. Doing a lot of nothing, with one afternoon of sheer ‘OMG I HAVE TO CLEAN THE HOUSE DAD IS COMING WITH FURNITURE AND PEOPLE WILL BE IN MY BEDROOM OMG’ 

I saw that status line and felt OH so bad for you! I’m sure he was just glad to see you and hubby :) 

Wondered if the “group” date was what you were referring to, but didn’t want to assume that I knew EVERYTHING about your social life! 

Gonna miss time this weekend so we’ll just make up for it on that Saturday!!

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